Thursday, December 13, 2007

Speaking of Olive Wood

This was in the paper last night, and it made me very sad:

"The Israeli forces left behind heavy damage to al-Fukhari, a farming community near the southern twon of Khan Younis.
About 75 acres of olive tress and orange groves were uprotted, greenhouses and the outer walls of homes were damaged, and homes were left without power, said ouda Alomar, mayor of the community. Repair crews were trying to restore electricity and reopen roads that were closed with dirt mounds put up by the troops, he said."

These "incursions" into Palestinian land naturally, I think, solidify resistance on the Palestinian side. Violence begets violence and prospects for peace recede into the far distance.

This last month the water company came down my street and dug things up and left a big mess in yards across from the church. I've heard several people express anger and disgust that their yards were dug up. Can you imagine if bulldozers came through Philo or Champaign or through Curtis Orchard and uprooted trees, just to make a political statement? Just to show us that they could? Apologists for Israel say that they have to take defensive actions to protect themselves from attack. Were there snipers in the olive trees?

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Would that you knew the things that make for peace!"

Who said that?

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