Thursday, September 4, 2008

Late Summer Rain

Ah! The rain is late. But doesn't it feel good?
Yesterday was the first "JAM Session" - the meeting of our Jr.Hi Afterschool program. And it went really great. Good leadership. (Suzanne and Pastor Rich are FABULOUS) Good kids. (Some boys, some girls) Good parents. (Who filled out permission slips and offered to bring snack) Good snacks. (Chocolate covered frozen bananas - need I say more?) Good times. (Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30) I think we're on to something and I'm so pleased. A couple of the kids took home multiple permission slips to give to their friends. Yeah!
I've got to get something into the paper. Especially because we have some really cool programs coming up: Officer Franzen, the school resource officer is coming. So is Jay Freese, the funeral director. And next week Barry from our own church, who works at the juvenile detention center and knows whereof he speaks, is going to talk to them about how to defuse tense situations. It's news you can use, boys and girls!

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jan said...

How 'bout an article in the News-Gazette also? JAM would do 'em good! Or maybe the church newsletters of different churches that don't have a mid-week middle school program. Good work, Suzanne and Cindy!!!