Friday, April 16, 2010

Every One Counts

is going to be my sermon for Sunday. The Bible starting point is that when the Risen Christ appeared to the disciples beside the sea, and they had that miraculous catch, John records that there were 153 large fish, and the net was not broken. I have a quote that asks, "Who counted the fish?" Somebody who knew that every fish counted. That's who.
Also, there is a documentary film called "paper clips" about how a middle school class in a small town came to understand the killing of six million Jews under the Nazis by collecting 6 million paper clips. Counting is important.
So how do we count? What do we count? Who do we count?
Oh. The Census! I can use that, too.
The Good News is each one of us counts to God. And challenge is that those folks who we might think "don't count" DO count to God, too.

There. That's about 153 words.

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