Sunday, May 30, 2010

June is coming!

May is almost done. Sean has graduated. Caleb just has two finals to take before he is out for the summer. I've posted 3 out of 5 sermons for May. One of the missing ones was the fair trade/mission message I took to Paxton. I can't remember the other. So it is a good bet that no one else can either. I'm trying my best to preach without checking the manuscript, which is going pretty well, I think.
Today I asked for input on topics or issues that people would like to probe more deeply. Every thing they asked will get me in trouble. Great. But it's good to know what folks think is interesting.
Tomorrow I have a busy day: I'm going to meet MR about the commissioning service for Jeri and Kirk. Then I have the memorial day thing at Locust Grove. Then cookout at AJ and J's.
Caleb is going to spend tonight and tomorrow with his dad.
That's about it. Good bye spring, Hello Summer!

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