Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nobody will read it here, either LOL

I just posted this on the Pastor's update on I believe I have the two least read blogs in the internet universe. But (with a smile) I'm just plugging away.

About Evangelism

The latest issue of Presbyterians Today is all about evangelism, something Presbyterians are notoriously bad at. There are lots of interesting and exciting stories in there about how Presbyterians DO manage to share the good news of Jesus Christ and invite people to join their churches, in spite of our supposed genetic handicap in this area of Christian life.

I encourage everyone in the congregation (who recieves Presbyterians Today as a "perk" of membership at Philo Pres) to read every word.

And I also want to share with you something I read this morning on one of my favorite blogs - "Beauty Tips for Ministers" (don't laugh. or do. the slogan of the site is "Because you are in the public eye and God knows you need to look good" which I find hilarious.)

Here's what the Unitarian-Universalist minister/writer of that blog says about evangelism:

“Let your life preach more loudly than your lips,” said our great American Unitarian founder, William Ellery Channing.

With that in mind, I DO so wish that folks would simply share our good news, be friendly, warm and respectful, and say something like, “If you’re interested, there are Unitarian Universalist congregations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and we have a great web site at My life has been so enriched by being part of a congregation, I always wish that kind of positive experience for everyone I meet.”
THAT’s evangelizing.

All we have to do is
1)substitute "Presbyterian" for Unitarian Universalist in that speech,
2)Philo for Minneapolis and St. Paul,
3) for the UU website,
4)practice it until you can say it in your sleep, and
5)go out and talk to people in your neighborhoods, at the ball park, on your break at work and in the stores where you shop.
We can do this, people!


Wendy said...

Read it.

Now can I practice it?

pastor cindy said...

That's the question, isn't it???

But of course you/we can!
"I can do all things . . . "