Friday, April 13, 2012

So today . . .

No, the woman with the sack of potatoes hasn't called back.   I'll let you know.  (I've been thinking I should call her.  Don't wait for her to call me.  Become the "Homer" (*oops!  I almost put someone's name on this blog*  but I stopped just in time*)   of Philo.  I'll just show up in people's lives, catching them off guard, until they surrender and join my church or beg me to leave them alone.  Or both.

So today I have to get my church professional self on and do a meeting this afternoon at another church.  Churches are full of problems.  I don't know why God puts up with us.

And when I get back I get to have a wedding rehearsal with a non-member couple who seem just really, really lovely.  I like weddings.  They are important.  They make people's lives more beautiful.  They allow God's presence to be named and I like all that.  And it helps if the couple isn't snippy. 

That's my day.  Maybe I'll mow the lawn some this morning.  That's soooooo fun.

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