Sunday, October 28, 2012

Split leaf philadendrom

My neighbor told me it was time to bring the plants in.  So I finally re-potted the split leaf philadendrom that loves being outside in the summer.  It gets so big and happy all summer long, sitting in the garden.  It had completely outgrown its pot.  So I put it in a bigger one and brought it in.  Winter is hard on it.  It loses leaves.  It shrinks.  It hates winter, just like I do.
This is my grandmother's plant.  It lived on the back porch in Texas.  My mother took it when grandmother died.  And gave it to me.  It is about the only plant I try to keep alive.  And so far, I have succeeded.  But when it is sitting in my living room, sometimes it whispers to me, "Why can't we live in Nicaragua?  I would fit right in there, under a lemon tree in your courtyard.  I don't belong here at all."  Yeah, I whisper back.  Me neither.

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