Sunday, March 18, 2007

We're Getting Close Now

The Gospel for next Sunday switches from Luke to John. It's John 12:1-8 - the story of Mary (which Mary? - Martha's sister Mary) anointing Jesus' feet with the expensive nard. Judas complains, of course, and Jesus says, "Leave her alone."
So, even though it is not Luke, who always seems to highlight women and Jesus' treatment of them, it still has that sort of focus.
One thing that stands out on first reading is the snarky way Judas addresses the situation. He complains, but not to Mary. It's sort of passive/aggressive. And then the author parenthetically slanders ol' Judas: It's not that he cares about the poor. Judas complained because he embezzled from the common treasury.
I don't guess there has ever been a time when people in the church just talked to each other, eye to eye, about their disagreements.
The other thing that this scripture sets up is the two biggest priorities of the church: fabulous worship and meaningful mission. Jesus didn't think they were in conflict. Why do we so often get stuck thinking we have to make a choice?
Tomorrow at lectionary maybe I'll get a different perspective. What do you think?

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