Monday, August 13, 2007

One of my favorite mission trip memories

On the way to our worksite everyday we passed a trailer converted into the "QuickBurger" diner. And on Wednesday, I convinced the guys that we needed to stop there to eat. Quickburgers are "sliders" - little White Castle like hamburgers: 69 cents apiece.

You ordered out front and the "dining room", with three little mismatched tables and chairs, was to the right. The plates (they were real plates!) didn't match either.

But the food was really tasty.

After we ate, I took the guys picture in front. The man on the left was a customer. And he was really "Tennessee" - so I asked him to be in the picture. And (this was the touching part, to me) he took off his glasses and put them in his pocket before he posed. I felt total kinship with him at that point. I do that silly sort of thing all the time.

What's that Robert Burns line? "O would the gift He gi'e us, to see ourselves as others see us."

I think that's all wrong. I think it should be
"O would the gift He gi'e us,
for others to see just as we see us."
Wouldn't that be nice? Then, truly, all the women would be strong, all the men handsome (like this guy!) and all the children above average. What a world that would be.

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