Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Preacher's Contest

My Monday morning lectionary group is great!
I don't usually like hanging out with ministers, but the people in this group take preaching VERY seriously, and themselves, not at all seriously. It's really fun to hear (and be able to admit) when the sermon has gone really well, and really badly. And to say outloud what we don't say from the pulpit.
For instance, last week, the text was "The Rich Fool" story from Luke, which is a pointed condemnation of selfish materialism. And one of us said, "I'd like to preach on this text every Sunday." It got a big laugh, because . . . sometimes that's how it feels.
Anyway - this week Bob brought a printout of some really silly and juvenile puns. Things like:
A vulture got on an airplane carrying two dead raccoons. And the stewardess said, "Sorry, sir, but you'll have to check one of those. Each passenger is only allowed one carrion."
So we decided to have a contest, to see which of us could be the first to work one of the puns into a sermon. Now I'm really sorry I'm not preaching this week!

1 comment:

a friend from DE said...

Great news!!
You're back!!!
your east coast fans have missed your "stuff"....
hope you are relaxed and ready for another year of leading your flock.
the calendar year might start january 1st, but to me the year always begins in september.
looking forward to whatever you share with us, even the painful puns....