Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Playing Ketchup

Here, let me wipe a few cobwebs away and dust off the old keyboard . . .
That's better.
This poor blog has been sorely neglected. But I'm back now, and I will try to do better.
(The story of my life.)

So what have I missed?
Three sermons. I'll put those on, though that's not really good blogging.
And some really profound thoughts. Which are completely gone now.
Reflections on life and death and losing congregation member Roger. That will be ongoing.
A picture or two?
At least two REALLY good books, which I highly recommend to any and all of you who aren't put off by totally strange women and their spiritual journeys. (I guess you wouldn't be here if you were TOO put off by that combination.) I'll "review" Take This Bread (by Sarah Miles) and Grace, Eventually (by Anne LaMotte) at some point soon.

So . . . let's get started with what I read this morning before my first cup of coffee, and won't quit thinking about all day: Music as the divine language. Or something.

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