Friday, July 18, 2008

Managing Information

I've been home for a week today. And the major task that I wanted to accomplish as soon as I got home - rooting through the stacks of papers, books, journals, clippings, etc. on my desk - is still not done. Or even really started.
There have been other, infinitely more enjoyable things to do:
Bible study and writing
Trying out songs for worship
Catching up with folks and their news
Cooking a meal
Eating a snack and a snack and another snack
Cleaning the bathroom
Does anybody out there have ANY advice on how to tackle the job I clearly hate worse than anything else in the world?
To be clear - yesteday I did start to go through stuff. But one of the first things I ran into was the registration renewal for Rachel's car. Which was past due. So, despite the fact that it was 2 in the afternoon and the temperature and humidity were beastly, I immediately put on my hat and walked to the bank (the drive up, because I could also pick up my checks which had come in the day before) and then stopped by someone's house to make a little "call" and . . . When I got back it was time to gather up the boys and get to the premier showing of Tim's Ebertfest piece. (Which was really good - I hope you can see it - it should run at wierd times through August, at least.)
So. I'd rather risk heat stroke than do this job.
But I must.
So I will.
I'll report back later in the day.

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jan said...

You did far more important things than going through clutter...keep up the good work. By the way, if you DO figure a system for cleaning up and out clutter...please share!!!!