Thursday, July 31, 2008

Small but MIGHTY

The wrens that are nesting in the front yard bird house are especially noisy this morning. They regaled me with song as I puttered around in the weedy garden. Now I remember that the first gift Jo Armstrong ever gave me was a wren house that he had made. It was quite fancy, with a "For Rent" sign out front. Wrens moved in right away, even though I'd never seen a wren in my yard before.
When winter came and I cleaned out the house, there was a teeny tiny wren egg left in the nest. It was so cute. I brought it in and set it on my kitchen window sill, where I enjoyed it for weeks. Then, something happened and I broke the egg. And that teeny tiny egg FILLED the kitchen with the HUGEST rotten egg smell! It was so amazing that such a small thing could smell so BAD that it made the whole thing funny.
As the pastor of a small church, I always am saying "Good things come in small packages." It's kinda funny to be reminded that small things can make a big stink, too.

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