Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Did you get your invitation? Invitation to Christian Discipline, that is?
Every year we start off Lent with that peculiar sounding invite. And I'm RSVP -ing here:
Yes. I will attend. I will attend, as in pay attention, to what God may be trying to do in my life through these next forty days.
There are a couple or more things I'm going to do as outward signs that I'm paying attention:
I'm going to read devotional material, either from Presbyterians Today's Lenten devotion, or something like that, every day.
And I'm going to spend some time - (some? yes, SOME) time in quiet prayer that has nothing to do with asking God for things - every day. I'm pretty sure that if I do these things, Christ's grace and mercy will take up more of my thoughts and direct more of my actions.
And I'm going to attend to my health more carefully. And the health of my little family.
And I'm going to visit this blog (the next best thing to a prayer closet) daily. Sometimes I'll write something. Sometimes maybe someone else will.

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