Thursday, February 18, 2010

Choosing between two good things

Making a choice isn't always a matter of picking the good thing over a bad thing. Often, (and this is a blessing, really) it is a matter of choosing between two good things. Even two good and important things. Feeling guilty over not being able to do both is just . . . arrogant. So I'm not going to feel guilty about not going to Committee on Ministry today. I have too many people to see and chores to do to be in Effingham today. So there.

O God, you can turn a human being back to dust
by saying, "As you were, mortal!"
To you, a thousand years are a single day,
a yesterday now over, an hour of the night.

Our lives are like waking dreams,
like grass sprouting and flowering in the morning
withered and dry before dusk.

Teach us to count how few days we have
and so gain wisdom of heart.

Psalm 90

I could use a little wisdom of heart these days.

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