Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude Day #21A

So thankful to find that the BANK had made a mistake, and that's why I didn't have very much money in my account.  They forgot to automatically deposit my PAYCHECK!  Also thankful that because of Financial Peace University I had some savings, which I'd been transferring in bit by bit this month to avoid overdrafts.  (I can put it back now!)  But no wonder I was lower than I thought I should be.  I was missing a whole month's pay.  Good grief!  I have been berating myself, wondering where in the world all that money could have gone.  Worrying about the future.  Despairing of my decision making ability.  But I'm fine.  I just didn't get paid.  That's the whole problem, right there.  I'm right where I should be.  Good grief! 
I have to remember to call the bank on Friday (of course I didn't find this out until 5 o'clock on the day before Thanksgiving) to get it straightened out.  But then I'll be fine.  Fine and dandy.  Good grief!

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