Friday, November 30, 2012

Gratitude Day #29

I got installed as Moderator at Presbytery today.  And I moderated a slightly contentious portion of the meeting.  I'll tell you what I'm grateful for, and I'm slightly surprised to say this:  I'm grateful that I finally feel a part of that group of Presbyterians.    It feels good to know them and be able to ask about their lives, or understand what they are saying and where they are "coming from".   It feels like a funky family  - always teetering, just this side of dysfunction. We're kept together by a stern but kind mother (Cindy Bean) and a smart and sweet older sister (Anne Jones) and with well meaning uncles, brothers and cousins providing a reassuring masculine presence.  We approved Amy Cornell as a candidate for ministry.  And she made us so proud, being so beautiful and articulate and young and pregnant.   Us old aunties teared up a little, remembering our younger days and hoping/fearing for her future, knowing what joys and calamities it will surely hold. 

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