Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec. 6

Makes me happy: Yesterday I bought images from John August Swanson and learned a little bit how to use Dropbox.  And I prepared a much nicer Advent Devotion. (But no one came.)  The kids (minus the little ones) are taking the play very seriously.  So rehearsal was fun.  And Michael was back, which helps a ton.  And the best news of all is I slept and slept last night.  Til 5:30 this morning.  (I am a little bit bone tired, and spent at least part of yesterday just wandering from here to there, in a sort of exhausted haze.)
Looking toward today (with hope) - I meet Connie in Homer at 9.  And Rachel is coming down at 3:30 to talk about women's retreat possibilities.  And I do NOT have a planning committee meeting tonight.  Maybe I'll go to sleep again.  Oh.  That would be great!

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