Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Taking a Trip Together

You never really know someone until you take a trip with them. There are things you can not learn about a friend or acquaintance any other way.
Who sticks to the interstates?
Who loves "blue highways"?
Who stops at fruit stands beside the road,
and who prefers familiar franchises for food along the way?
Who stops early and often,
and who pushes to get an extra 50 or 100 or 250 miles down the road
before stopping for the night?
Often what we learn brings us closer to our traveling companion, as we share experiences and face challenges together.

Lent is described as a "journey" - since during Lent we remember how Jesus "set his face for Jerusalem" and traveled toward the cross that awaited him there.

My idea for this space is that it will give us an opportunity to travel together during the season of Lent. From Ash Wednesday til Easter, let's take the Journey to Jerusalem together with each other and with Jesus.
We'll use the Gospel readings for the season as our "signposts" and everyday (at least I'll try to do it everyday) I'll post my observations on what I'm seeing out the car window. My hope is that you'll want to comment, question or critique my "posts". All you have to do is hit the "comments" button at the end and add your thoughts on the trip so far. We'll consider each other "fellow travelers" as we move through Lent toward Easter.


Barbara said...

Sounds like a great trip to me. Count me in. I love to travel as well, and this blog will allow us to all travel on the same path towards the cross. Gonna send this to my mom so Buffalo Hart PC can get in on this

pastor cindy said...

That's great! I'm glad for the company. You'll be able to point out some good stopping places along the way, I'm sure.