Friday, April 6, 2007

Holy Week/ Cold-y Week

The sudden cold spell this week has certainly put a damper on my Easter mood. Already I'm a little peevish, since my son's spring break is this week, and I can't take him anywhere fun, because of Holy Week obligations. But I might have been able to get over that, had the spring weather held.
There is nothing better to me than waking up early, having a cup of coffee and going out to tour the garden, to check on hostas spearing their way above ground, and peonies lip-stick red shoots. "My" bee balm has spread, after several years, from a couple of little plants to a plot in the garden the diameter of a whiskey barrel. And just last week, when I cut off the tops of my perennial grasses, I discovered that they'd already begun to put on green.
Then, boom! the bottom fell out of the thermometer. Most of what's up is going to have to start all over again.
And, being the one who has to wonder about such things, I have to wonder if folks are going to be in the mood to come to Easter services, when they will have to wear parkas and scarves over their pretty pastel Easter outfits. Grump.
Then I read this wonderful article: about how we sometimes lean on the spring imagery to convey the Easter message, but that in fact "there is nothing natural about the resurrection." (Or words to that effect.) So a cold, rainy Easter of gloomy weather should be no impediment to experiencing and celebrating the wonderful news of Christ's victory over sin and death. Just put on your fur-lined Easter bonnet and come on to church!
For us, no less than for Mary and the others who stumbled around the cemetery on that first, dark Easter morning, something amazing is happening, and we need to experience it firsthand and share it with the other disciples.

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