Thursday, April 19, 2007

Signs of the Season

Yesterday, I was mowing the grass (it's a glamorous, ethereally spiritual life I lead!) trying to get as close as possible to the electric pole in the back, when I looked down and saw - an Easter Egg! It wasn't one the squirrels had already opened either. It was just lying there, waiting for someone to pay attention and find it.
I've got to be reminded that Easter is a Season, not only a day. The awareness of the Living Christ isn't fully realized in just a day (or two). So I'm going to look for signs of New Life today, as eagerly as the Sunday School kids looked for the eggs on Easter morning. I'm looking everywhere from the hospital to the homework to the good night prayers.
I wonder what I will find.
It would be nice to hear what you find, too.


a friend from DE said...

Signs of New Life were sensed in yoga class last night. deep relaxing breaths, trying to calm the mind, letting go of the "monkey thoughts" - it can be spiritual and cleansing and new.
it's a good feeling when it clicks.

pastor cindy said...

Thanks, "De" :) I've never tried yoga. I'm probably the least flexible person in the USA. I mean physically, (though I believe in mind/body connections in a big way, I don't want to admit any inflexibility in my attitudes or spirit!)
I met a "good egg" or two at the hospital. One is a doctor, retired, who now works the reception desk. I'm inspired by his willingness to serve in a "humble" role, after being the "most exalted" person in the medical hierarchy - the DOCTOR! "The one who is great must be the servant of all." Didn't somebody famous say that?
And the people I visited had good spirits AND they are getting better. When those two things co-incide it makes for a pretty easy pastoral visit.
So my egg collection is growing.
Know any good Yolks?