Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Morning

The day has gone really fast. And the chores that were on my "to do today" list are not done. Maybe before the sun goes down or before the boys come home . . . and, realistically, maybe not.
I am reading a book about "coaching" for ministry. It was written by one of the co-pastors from First Pres. Charleston. One of the things it says is that there is a rhythm of reflection/planning/doing and drifting in every one's life. And today was one of my drifting days.
I went to lectionary, where one of the ministers said that he was plotting out worship for the whole year. (Sounds so wonderful! I feel like I've planned ahead if I can put a seasonal series together.)
The scripture for Sunday is in Acts 11 - about how Gentiles got included in the church. Hearing the story this morning, I was shocked at how easily things could have gone the other way. The whole thing unfolds with a dream (two dreams, actually), a crazy coincidence, and just the right synapses firing in ol' Peter's brain. Amazing that God would rely on such unreliable means to do what has to be done! Sort of comforting, though.
And I went to the hospital. And answered some phone calls. And made some appointments. And am now reciting Scarlett's affirmation of faith. You know what that is, don't you? "After all, tomorrow IS another day."

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