Monday, May 14, 2007

Lectionary Monday

I have a great lectionary group - pastors and preachers I really enjoy, who take the scriptures seriously and themselves not so much. Today we were talking about the Acts passage which is the text for this weeks sermon (Acts 16:16-34). In it, Paul and Silas and the bunch get thrown in jail for interrupting culture and commerce in Philippi. It reminded one of us (who spent some time in Washington DC working for politicians - before he was "saved" I guess . . . ) of what Texas Sen. Jim Hightower used to say when people told him that he should tone down his views and take a more "middle of the road" stance on issues: "There ain't nothing in the middle of the road but yellow lines and dead armadillos."
Isn't that great? Nice to be reminded that even moderation can be over done.

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