Monday, May 28, 2007


The sermon just wasn't good enough to post. I meant well. Babel and Pentecost make such a great contrast, but I just couldn't pull it off. It is sort of funny that on a Sunday in which communication is the theme, the preacher had trouble communicating.
Here's something profound, instead. I got it off the bulletin my friend Bill Capel put together for the church he's "pastoring":

"I want to pay a simple tribute to God the Holy Spirit. The Spirit, the ruha elohim is feminine gender in the Old Testament, neuter in the New Testament, but never masculine.
"It operates quietly - sometimes it comes with a mighty roaring wind and thunder and lightning. This is exceptional. Most of the time, it works quietly and is at work in the churches of Asia, in the societies of Asia, in the whole global development.
"In my church, the liturgy every Sunday speaks of the Holy Spirit who brings all things that exist, and all the things which are to exist in the future, to perfection. That is the job of the spirit: to bring everything to perfection. The Spirit is quietly at work.
"Would that we have the sensitivity to see where it is at work and become available, so that we can truly become the instruments of the Spirit. That is the commitment I hope all of us have."
- Paulo S Mar Gregorios 1922-1996, (India)

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