Friday, May 11, 2007

A Top Ten List to Love

I thought this was very funny:
It's a top ten list of why men shouldn't be ordained.
I'm so blessed to have been born in the right denomination and the right time not to have to fight this battle for myself. But, if I had to, this is the way I'd "fight" - I'd aim to disable the "enemy" with laughter.


a friend from DE said...

#4 really does make sense!
Happy Mother's Day to anyone who nurtures.

Rachel said...

Unfortunately it doesn't work if your "enemy" isn't intelligent enough to get the joke. I posted that on Facebook and some girl took it seriously and called me an arrogant feminist and proceeded to point out everything that was wrong with my "arguements." Well, duh...that was the point. :)

pastor cindy said...

I wonder what that girl finds funny . . . Anything? You should ask her. "Tell me an amusing story." Maybe she can.

I don't remember who said this: humor and religion are closely related - because humor helps us deal with life's little inconsistencies and religion helps us live with the big ones.

Don't you think that's true?

Can a humorless person be deeply spiritual? I can't think of any good examples. Jesus certainly said some funny things . . . like the one about the rich person going to heaven as often as a camel passes through the eye of a needle. Makes me laugh just to think about threading the hump.