Monday, March 15, 2010

starting out another week

I wasn't planning to preach this next sunday. I thought I had a pulpit exchange arranged. But it fell through. So instead of focusing on Holy Week, I've got to put together one more "renewal sermon".

The scripture lessons are Philippians (I press on for the upward call of Christ) and G. of John (Mary annointing Jesus feet). After a bit of "textweeking", what strikes me is about how these two have in common a sense of burning desire for intimacy with Christ.

And God knows THAT won't preach.

But I wish it would. Because if anything has changed in me and my life in the last few years, it has been that I've fallen in love with Jesus. I loved him before. I respected him before. I knew he was important - the most important person ever to have lived.
But I wasn't just thrilled by the chance to hear what he said. I didn't linger over descriptions of his actions. I didn't savor every morsel of every story he ever told. I didn't imagine what it would be like to see him face to face. And now I do those things.

Which makes me weird, I think. It for sure hasn't helped my preaching any. But I'm not sorry.

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