Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Way the Week Worked on Me

Still thinking about the day spent at "Moving Back into the Neighborhood" and the emphasis on listening to and looking for what God is doing around the church (rather than inside the walls of the church building)
And listening to the scriptures. Which I practice some.
The passage I'd tentatively chosen for this week seemed better than ever: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 is all about parallels between God's work and the work God calls us to do. Reconciled to be reconciling.
An interview with Sarah Miles (love her) about her new book included her insight about Paul's understanding that human beings both do and do NOT want to be a new creation. And how the church so often feeds the "don't let God change me or my world" side of the equation rather than the NEW CREATION side. ("If anyone is in Christ - - - new creation!") And about how becoming the new, reconciling creation is the real business of God's people. interesting.
Then PeaceBang posted an essay by Steve Martin about the death of his father. And the opening line is about how, in death, the father did what he never did in life: bring the family together. And it's all about reconciliation.
So you'd think I could string those things together . . . so we'll see.

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