Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pic at last

The wonders of technology, in this case digital photography, should increase our happiness by decreasing our frustration, right?

For instance - in the days of SLR 35 mm photography, how long would it have taken to share this picture with you? The person (Margaret K., bless her heart) who took the picture would have finished the roll, taken it to the store or mailed it in, gone back in a day or so to pick up the prints, chosen the best picture, taken it and the negative back to the developer for more prints, put one of those prints in an envelope and either mailed it to you, or brought it to church for you to pick up. How long would that have taken? Days. At least. Possibly weeks. (I've found rolls of film that have been lying around for years. But I'm unusually bad about stuff like that. )

My point is that it would have been a long time between snapping the picture and viewing it.

But now - here it is. Three days later. Amazing.

But I wanted it sooner. Technology seems to be shrinking my patience in direct proportion to the speed with which it gets things done.
PS Aren't they cute kids? And such a pretty picture!

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