Friday, September 21, 2007

Presbytery - What a funny way to tell God we love him

I got up at 4:22 am and drove to Marion, IL yesterday for Presbytery.
We welcomed 4 new ministers to the Presbytery, and said goodbye to two who are retiring. It was good for me to listen to the speeches about the retirees. I don't plan to retire, but if I do, I definately want some speeches!
We talked about what the essential tenets of the Reformed Faith are. We looked at a packet that spelled out 5 "essential tenets" and 4 or 5 "reformed distinctives" that I think might be helpful to Session and Deacons to spell out what Presbyterians believe. But the Presbytery as a whole was reluctant to adopt this formulation, for fear that people will think that then they don't have to read the whole Book of Confessions. (You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.) And some folks are fearful that spelling it out will make us prone to becoming fundametalist about it. Judgemental, you know.
I didn't want to adopt the paper as it was presented, but I do think that with a little softening and clarification it could be interesting and helpful. But, clearly, it was not to be.
Otherwise, we heard about some cool things churches in the Presbytery are doing, and had a worship service and called it a day.
I don't quite "get" Presbytery. But I'm learning to roll with the punches.

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