Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Dog Joke

What, you may ask, are your OTHER favorite dog jokes, Cindy?
And I will tell you.
One at a time:
It seems that a Presbyterian minister and his spouse were looking for a dog. And they were very conscious that this dog should be the right sort of dog to live in a Presbyterian manse, and enter into the life of a Presbyterian congregation and generally bring honor and not shame to the minister and his family.
So they went to a pet store and explained what they were looking for and the owner said, immediately - (I think his name was Mark) - "I have just the dog for you."
He took a puppy out of it's crate and they all adjourned to the office of the store, where the owner put the puppy down and commanded, "Fetch the Bible!" And the went over to the bookshelf, nosed through the books, found the Bible, pulled it off the shelf and brought it to the man.
"That's really something!" said the minister and his wife.
"That's nothing!" said the pet store owner. "Watch this!"
He turned to the dog and said, "Psalm 23."
And, in an amazing feat of doggy dexterity, the dog flipped through the Old Testament until, woof!, he put his paw right on Psalm 23.
"This dog can find any scripture you want," said the pet store owner. "Test him."
So they did, and sure enough, the dog did the Old Testament, New Testament, the whole Bible. "This IS a Presbyterian dog for sure!" agreed the minister and his wife. "His love of the Bible proves it! We'll take him."
They took the dog home and invited the Session to come and see the new Presbyterian dog in the manse. The elders came and the minister put the dog through his paces: Psalm 100, Genesis 2, Isaiah 55, Luke 1, Mark 8, I Corinthians 13. The dog never missed.
The elders were duly impressed.
"This dog certainly knows his Bible! But," one asked, "does he do regular DOG tricks?"
"Like what?" asked the minister.
"Like, heel?" said the elder.
Immediately, the dog jumped up on a chair, put his paw on the elder's forehead and began to bay.
The minister was aghast! "Oh, no! He's not Presbyterian! He's Pentecostal!!"

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