Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Behind the scenes in the exciting life of a pastor

6 am - Rise, make coffee, take a walk/run with the dog. We went to the cemetary and I noticed, for the first time, a little marker for "Jane Doe" name unknown Found May 1, 1995. Who do you suppose that was? I haven't heard the story there.

7 am - Drink coffee, eat oatmeal, check and answer email. Make plans for lunch with my husband, sister and her family. (Sea Boat in Hessel Park, doesn't that sound fun?) Realize that I cc'd an email to someone I shouldn't have. Whoops.

8 am - consult with Betty about moving the organ and other church-y matters. Call the movers.
Call the floor guy. Pray a little.

9 am - take the screw driver, a wrench, a flashlight and pliers over to church and remove the pedals from the old organ so that it can be moved for the floor refinishing. Sneeze alot (dust inside the organ). Re-read the scripture lesson for Sunday. Think hard.

10 am- More coffee, more emails, more phone calls. Post baptism message. Decide I need to make a to-do list.

It's a glamorous life, but someone has to lead it!

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