Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday -

I start the day with lectionary group. This week almost everyone was there, and we were hitting on all cylinders.
The Old Testament text is a lament from Jeremiah. Talked turned to a discussion of complaining. One of us ventured that our culture is kind of "wimpy" about pain, difficulties and opposition. We tend to complain early and often, and often those complaints to God turn to complaints against God, and even the attitude of "I just can't believe in a God who would let me (or a loved one) go through (pick one): . . . sickness . . . or loss . . . or death."
We're living in a very brief, probably soon-to-be-gone era in which health, comfort and prosperity are the expected state. We're spoiled. At least that's one possibility.
But I'm not convinced.
I guess I can think of people whose faith crumbles in the face of suffering.
But I think of more who, when they are in a mess, practice prayer more faithfully, read the Bible more devotedly, and serve others more often, out of refreshed empathy. Sure they complain! That's part of prayer! Some of the most dismal complaints you'll ever hear are in the Bible.

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