Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

The shortest summer ever is over.
Today my 13 year old started eighth grade.
He slouched off to catch the bus, looking cool. (I used to take him to school, which cost a little gas and time, but gave us a few minutes at the start of each day. He's wise to that trick now, and gets himself up early enough to ride the bus with his friends.)
There was no time for my ritual "1st Day of School" picture.
Being a mom can be lonely sometimes.

I'm trying to be excited about my own "fresh new program year" start.
Maybe if I had some new pencils.

PS I had avoided actual tears this morning, until I Googled (Images) "first day of school", to find an appropriate picture. There are all these darling little precious sweet kids, smiling nervously with their backpacks. . . Go look. Type in "first day of school" and be sure you have a hanky handy.

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